Why Sell Pull Tabs?

Pull Tabs are exclusively sold at bars and restaurants that sell Club Keno, providing a unique opportunity to sell a product that can only be offered at your establishment. With top prizes up to $30,000 and the highest prize payout across all Lottery products, there’s no surprise that Pull Tabs are on the rise!

Adding Pull Tab games to your Lottery lineup is a smart business move for retailers; Lottery sales increase an average of 25% after adding Pull Tabs to the product line. According to recent data, the statewide average Pull Tabs retailer sales are $34,000/year with commensurate sales & validation commissions over $2,500! These products are popular with players and great add on for your Club Keno and other draw games! Contact your District Sale Representative (DSR) for more information, or to implement this line and grow your business with these fun and profitable products.

The following Pull Tab games will expire December 14th: 560, $1 Cosmic Slots & 590, $1 High Steaks. Full/unopened deals must arrive at the IGT Warehouse no later than December 13th.

New Pull Tab Games

Prizes Remaining

Pull Tab 6-column PTVM Plan-O-Gram

Pull Tab Quick Reference Guide

Pull Tab Vending Machine (PTVM) Purchase or Lease Offers:

$250 Off Invoice Offer          Free Deal Offer

One-year Warranty

New Extended PTVM Warranty Offer

PTVM Quick Fix Guide

Pull Tabs Pro-Stock Program

Pull Tabs Pro-Stock Program offers the same ticket distribution system used for instant games. Sign up to participate in this program and start receiving these benefits:

  • No need to devote time for placing ticket orders.
  • Each pro-stock order is based on your pull tab ticket sales and customized for your account.
  • Automatically receive new games when they go on sale.
  • No more out-of-stocks!
  • Inventory will be maintained for you and you’ll automatically receive the most popular games.