Prominently Display Products

  • Clearly display exterior signs to remind consumers you are a Lottery Retailer.
  • Post promotional signage on doors and windows in view of consumers entering store.
  • Advertise jackpot amounts inside your store and in a window visible from the street.
  • Immediately activate, display and sell new games the same day you receive them.
  • Display draw times and days for every draw game near the register and designated Lottery play area.
  • Utilize Lottery-provided POS.

Know Your Products

  • Consistently train your staff on new games, winning numbers and jackpots, draw dates, and current promotions.
  • Remind your players that public schools benefit from every Lottery ticket sold.
  • Highlight new Lottery games.
  • Know your quarterly incentive goal and review your sales quarterly with your Lottery District Sales Representative (DSR). Discuss best selling tickets/games and past sales history to maximize and grow sales!

Promote Winners

  • Let your customers know you like to cash winners.
  • Post “Winner Sold Here” signs in your store.
  • Mention recent winners to customers! Players will buy more from a “Lucky*” store. For more information on what you can do NOW to help you qualify as a “Lucky” Retailer, contact your DSR.

Make Lottery Equipment Visible

  • Move your instant ticket display above or on the counter for maximum visibility.
  • Place self-service equipment at the front of the store near the entrance with easy access for players.
  • Prominently display your ticket checker.
  • Make your players feel welcome by dedicating a place in your store where players can stay and play their instant tickets, fill out their play slips, and check winning numbers.