Guidelines for Retailer Ticket Adjustment Requests

Retailers will receive credit for the following ticket problems:

  • Terminal malfunctions causing misprinted tickets such as paper jams or printer problems.
  • Defective instant game tickets that include game, book and ticket number.

Reimbursement is limited to the sales value of the submitted ticket.

Credit cannot be given for the following:

  • Tickets not processed through a Retailer Ticket Adjustment Request prior to the drawing.
  • Tickets that are sellable, including sellable tickets generated in error or tickets that should have been cancelled on the terminal.
  • Refund slips
  • Cancelled tickets
  • Validated tickets
  • Expired tickets
  • Scratched instant tickets or instant tickets with exposed validation codes
  • Instant tickets damaged by fire, water damage and/or spills occurring at retailer location.
  • Insufficient information submitted, including actual tickets, sales display (when applicable), and explanation of problem.

Tickets submitted by a retailer for adjustment cannot be returned to the retailer.

Michigan Lottery Adjustment Request – PDF