Instant games, also referred to as “scratch-offs”, are paper tickets consisting of one or more play areas concealed with a latex covering. Tickets are played by scraping off the latex to reveal numbers and/or symbols that show the ticket’s predetermined prize value, if any.

New Instant Games

April 7th SBO – postponed
March 3rd sbo
february 4th sbo

Current Instant Games with UPC’s & Expiration Dates 2-5-20

Prizes Remaining


It is a retailer’s responsibility to monitor their inventory for tickets that have expired or are nearing expiration. Expired tickets cannot be sold, redeemed for prizes or returned for credit.

Expired Ticket Policy – PDF

Inventory Tracking

Retailers are responsible for the safe keeping of all instant ticket inventory in their store. Use the resources below to assist with keeping your inventory organized.

Download Daily Tracking Log – PDF

Download Detailed Inventory Log – PDF

Download Tracking Methods – PDF

Second Chance Games

Select non-winning Instant Game tickets are eligible for submission into Michigan Lottery’s Second Chance Promotions. In Second Chance promotions, players have the chance to earn Instant Game coupons and drawing entries.

Please visit Michigan Lottery’s Second Chance Games site to view the current Second Chance promotions and eligible tickets.

Visit Second Chance Games Website