Printing Wagers

For your protection, a confirmation screen will display prior to printing all wagers above $25, and prior to the printing of all multi-board, multi-draw and repeat wagers for all other Jackpot games. As an added protection, a second confirmation screen will display for all wagers $100 and over.

Posting Guidelines

We recommend you post the following guidelines near the Lottery terminal for all staff to follow:

  • Always use the confirmation screen to verify wager amounts with the customer before printing the ticket(s).
  • Always collect the money for wagers before printing the ticket.
  • Do not pay out any winning ticket until it has been properly validated and the terminal has printed a “pay cash receipt.”
  • Always lock the screen when leaving the terminal unattended.

Equipment Diagrams

In addition to the equipment package you receive(d) with your lottery sales license, stand-alone equipment is available for qualified retailers. Contact your District Sales Representative (DSR) for more information.