November 2018 Retail Coupons –Not just for instants anymore!

Players may receive retail coupons for Lottery free play and/or discounts through the Michigan Lottery’s online rewards program. Accepting these coupons at your business provides an opportunity to add new Lottery customers – while contributing to your profits by helping to make a sale.

Sample coupon

Processing Coupons

  • Players are required to print coupons before bringing them to a retailer. The coupon designs may vary.
  • Processing instructions are listed on each coupon. Please read the instructions on the coupon before scanning it – some coupons are for free play and others will require the player to pay to complete the sale.
  • Use the “COUPON” button on your terminal to scan the barcode on the coupon.
  • Once scanned, the coupon offer will automatically generate.
  • If the barcode will not scan, you can press the “COUPON” button on your terminal to manually input the numbers below the barcode.
  • If a coupon has already been redeemed or is expired, the system will serve an error and will not process the redemption.
    • Expired coupon message: COUPON ERROR Requested Information Not Available
    • Already redeemed coupon message: COUPON ERROR Coupon Already Used