Click here for December ’22 Retail Coupons Good for Draw Games and Instant Tickets!

Players may receive retail coupons for Instant Tickets, Draw Games, Lottery Free Play or discounts through the Michigan Lottery’s online rewards program. In the past, these coupons were only for instant tickets, however, many coupons are now good for any lottery purchase! Accepting these coupons at your business provides an opportunity to add new Lottery customers – while contributing to your profits by helping to make a sale.

Processing Coupons

  • Note – cash should never be given for coupons, nor should more than one coupon be used on a purchase.
  • Cash should only be given for Michigan Lottery Withdraw Vouchers.
  • Coupon designs may vary, they may be printed or in a digital format and available on a mobile device.
  • Processing instructions are listed on each coupon. Please read the instructions on the coupon before scanning it – some coupons are for free play and others will require the player to pay to complete the sale.
  • Use the “COUPON” button on your terminal to scan the barcode on the coupon.
  • Once scanned, the coupon offer will automatically generate.
  • If the barcode will not scan, you can press the “COUPON” button on your terminal to manually input the numbers below the barcode.
  • If a coupon has already been redeemed or is expired, the system will serve an error and will not process the redemption.
    • Expired coupon message: COUPON ERROR Requested Information Not Available
    • Already redeemed coupon message: COUPON ERROR Coupon Already Used

Best Practices for eCoupons