You’ve been asking, we’ve been listening. Our free play engineers are putting the finishing touches on the new rewards. Less hassle? You got it, there will be no more ticket entry or need for collecting & redeeming points. More free play? We have you covered -- you will be able to login to your account for the opportunity to win in-store or online free play or entries into one of our great giveaways! More chances to win? Absolutely! Log in every day for more chances to win starting in January! Thank you for participating in our Survey! See the results below.
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Reward Points are so last year, but don’t let them go to waste! We’ve stocked the catalog with even more great items so that you can redeem your points before they’re gone in January. Don’t worry, we have many new rewards coming your way. Check back for more updates over the next few months!


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How will I earn rewards now?
With the new rewards, players will be given a chance to win entries into drawing and free play, by logging in to their Michigan Lottery account each day. There will also be exclusive free play offers sent to players via email and SMS. Be sure to opt-in for email and SMS messaging at www.michiganlottery.com/email.
What will I earn instead of points with the new rewards?
Instead of collecting points, players will be given new ways to earn free play and entries into drawing. We have taken out the extra step of needing to collect and redeem points for free play.
When will the new rewards start?
The new rewards will begin in mid-January. Be sure to opt-in to email and SMS for the latest details. To opt-in, visit www.michiganlottery.com/email.
How will I know about the new rewards?
Be sure to opt-in to email and SMS messages from the Michigan Lottery for the latest information. You can opt-in at www.michiganlottery.com/email.
Why is Players Club going away?
Players Club has been around for seven years, and we’ve gathered a lot of great feedback from players during that time. Now it is time for something new and more exciting for our players! The new rewards will make it much easier for all players to participate and earn rewards.
What do I do with my points?
Players have until mid-January to spend reward points in the rewards catalog. There also will be an exciting giveaway promotion in January before points expire that will give players a chance to redeem any remaining points they may have.
Can I convert my points into cash or free play?
Players may only redeem points for items in the rewards catalog. Points have no cash value.
Can I still keep my points for the new rewards program?
The Lottery’s new rewards program will not utilize a point system. All points remaining after the end of the program will be removed from player accounts.
When will my points go away?
Points will go away early 2018. More information will be provided in the coming months.
What about the Second Chance games?
The prize structures of the Cashword, Bingo, and Wildtime Second Chance games have been updated and no longer award reward points. Instead, they award free play coupons and entries into weekly drawings for free instant tickets. These games will remain the same, even after Players Club ends.
Can I still enter non-winning ticket codes?
Players may continue to enter non-winning ticket codes until Players Club officially ends in early 2018. More information will be provided in the coming months.
How will I know about the changes?
To stay up to date with the latest news and information from the Michigan Lottery, be sure to opt-in for email and SMS messages from the Michigan Lottery. Michigan Lottery account holders can update their opt-in preferences here to receive the latest information. Do not have a Michigan Lottery online account? Opt-in for email at www.michiganlottery.com/email.
Is my account going away?
Your Michigan Lottery account will remain after Players Club ends. You will still use the same login information to access your Michigan Lottery account, play online, and earn new rewards.
Can I still earn points playing Lottery games online?
The new rewards program will not utilize points, so no points will be earned for online play beginning in early 2018.
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